Frequently Asked Questions

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Your credits, what are they?

You will be given 10 credits every month and 1 credit = 1 miniature and if you stay with beast miniatures for longer you will earn more credits. You will get 3 extra Loyalty Credits for every month you stay with us with an unbroken subscription.

Select you miniatures

Browse our shop and click add to cart on the miniatures that you like. When you are happy with your selections click on the shopping bag in the right corner and select checkout. At the check out fill out your details and select the appropriate credits or if you have supported the Beast Miniature Kickstarter you choose the Kickstarter credits and complete your purchase.

Download my miniatures

Click on my account in the top right corner and in the next menu to the left click on “My Downloads and a list with all your purchased miniatures will appear. Now click on the button next to the miniature that you want to download and a popup window will appear, select where you want the miniatures saved and wait for the download to finish.

Payment dates

You will be charged on the same day as your subscription date and then after that the first of every month. That is so we can give you the credits instantly and then give you the next month’s miniatures with no delay when they are released. And at the moment we can not change the payment date for individual subscribers.

FAQ Second Version

I cannot open the file/ It is not a STL file.

The .stl files are compressed into .zip to make it easy for you to download them.

To open them you need to extract them using WinZip or WinRAR programs.

How do the Loyalty Credits work?

For every month that you stay with Beast Miniatures with an unbroken subscription, you will receive an extra 3 credits on top of what you got the previous month. So on the 12th month, you will have 36 extra Loyalty Credits and it will keep going up. If you decided to cancel and start-up up your subscription later on you will have to start over from your 10 regular credits and zero Loyalty Credits and keep saving up.

Where can I see how many credits I have?

You will find your credits in the “My Account” section and then click on “My Credits” to display how many credits you still have.

Can I buy more credits?

At the moment no, but if you stay with us you will earn more Loyalty Credits that you can use just in the same way and download more miniatures.

How do I change my payment method?

If you use Credit Card click on your “My Account” and click on the “My Payment methods

If you use PayPal, the details can only be updated on your PayPal account. If necessary, you can access the PayPal Help Center here.

How do I see/change my billing date?

Your first payment will be on the same day as your signup day and after that it will be on the first of every month.

For how long will I be able to download the files? Can I still download the files if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can still download and use your credits if you have any left, even if you cancel your subscription. And they will not expire so you can take your time and choose the perfect miniature.

Can I share or sell the the digital files?

No, the copyright belongs to Beast Miniatures and you can’t sell or change the files in any way shape or form.